Training with me

Training Philosophy


I believe that strength is the primary component of fitness.  For that reason, resistance exercises are the primary component of a training session with me.  My goal is to get you as strong as possible in the safest and most effective way.  I believe in getting strong at the basic patterns first and then progressing to more challenging movements and variations.  I also believe that mobility/flexibility are extremely important.  It allows us to move efficiently in every day life and allows us to get into safe body positions while weight training.  Mobility/flexibility patterns are performed in every training session and consist of about 25% of the total training session. 

Knowledgeable Training Expertise


My education in the health and fitness industry include becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) through the NSCA, as well as becoming a USAW certified coach.  My education also includes a B.S. in Sports Science from Ohio University, and a M.S of Education in Exercise Science from Cleveland State University.  In addition, I have over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, starting my own personal training business in 2007.

Reaching Your Goal


The journey down the path to health and fitness can be a difficult one.  My job is to help you succeed on that journey.  Being successful on the road to fitness requires discipline, consistency, and learning to do things that are uncomfortable.  Strength training with me will teach you all three.  I will help you build both physical strength and mental strength through resistance training.  These skills will also carry over to your every day life.  After training with me, not only will you look better, but you will be stronger both physically and mentally.